Time to Retire Flash Player?

Since early in the history of web pages Adobe’s Flash Player has been used to deliver video and other multimedia content. The Flash Player provided a consistent format for authors of video insuring that users would be able to view the video regardless of whether they used Mac or PC.

Now the Flash Player is showing its age. Continuing security issues have forced Adobe to issue updates to Flash every couple of weeks. With each update users had to respond to the “there is a new version of Flash” popup. A few of the security issues were so sever that Safari blocked the use of Flash until the user updated.

The Google Chrome browser uses a special version of Flash in an attempt to get around security updates. Safari users are faced with reoccurring popups to update the Flash player. And now FireFox is blocking Flash. See Firefox-blocks-flash for more information.

While Flash was critical to the success of the web in the past, new multimedia standards in HTML 5 have done away with the need for Flash. Many web sites have migrated away from Flash using HTML 5 instead. Can you survive without Flash? Simple answer is yes. Apple does not support (or allow) the Flash Player on iPhones and iPads. Most users do not even notice that it is missing.

Is it time to finally retire the Flash Player? Over the last week several blogs provided Mac users with instructions on removing Flash from their machines. Looks like the handwriting is on the wall. Flash will just fade away over the near future.

If you are interested in removing the Flash Play from your Mac, stop by the lab during one of walk-in help sessions (Mondays 1-3 PM or Fridays 9-11 AM) for assistance.

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