Google Chrome Browser Listens to You

Google’s Chrome web browsers contains a “feature” that provides a Siri-like capability. Users of the browser my turn the feature on in Preferences. Once on the user says the magic words “OK Google” followed by a natural language query. For example you could just ask out loud:

“OK Google what is the current temperature”

Chrome processes your spoken request and responds with the temperature at your current location. Sounds like a nice feature.

Only problem is there are concerns surfacing about how the feature works. The concern is that the Chrome web browsers continually listens on an open microphone to all conversations occurring in the room. Who gets a copy of those conversations is the concern.

If you use the Chrome web browsers on an iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Book you should seriously consider whether you want Google having access to what you are saying in the room even when you are not using the magic word.

This feature of Chrome is off by default requiring the user to go into preferences and turn it on. Users that run Chrome without the feature turned on do not need to be concerned.

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