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Where’s My Google Calendar

Ran into an interesting problem over the last couple of days. I’m planning a driving trip with friends. One friend has an iPhone and the other has an Android phone. To be nice I set up a Google calendar for

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Watch Where You Charge Your iPhone

Its been a long flight and your iPhone’s battery is getting low. As you sit at the gate for the next leg of your journey you plug into a nearby wall outlet to┬ácharge up the iPhone. Half asleep waiting of

Monitored Open Lab Sessions

Our club lab contains equipment that goes beyond what most members have in their homes. Items such as flat bed scanners, DVD writers, color printers, high speed Wi-Fi, large screen TV, etc. To make this equipment available to club members

First Class a Success

The first class to be held in the club’s new lab room wrapped up on Thursday, April 23rd. Attendees received basic instruction in iPad and iPhone operations. Our new facility worked better then expected. We are all looking forward to

First Class in New Room Scheduled

The first training class to be run in our new room is scheduled for later this month. Subject of the class is iPhone and iPad basics. I announced the class via email to members and was surprised by how quickly

A Bright New Year with you iPhone, iPad, and iPod

You can adjust the brightness of the screen on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to improve readability. (iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Minis can also adjust brightness, but that’s for a different post.) The brightness setting can have a large